24 Things I Never Told You About Myself

24 Things I Never Told You About Myself


Today I've decided to use today’s post to have a bit of fun…

People oftentimes forget that business should be fun.

So much of what’s written online today lacks any sense of personal
connection. Most people are simply afraid to REALLY be themselves.

So instead they try to act ‘professional’ and all of they’re writing
comes out dry and dull.

Or, even worse, they try to be like someone else – and they end up
looking like a bad Elvis impersonator… The ‘bloated’ version with a
lousy voice.

Not pretty!

So let’s put away the Elvis costume and bring out the
real McCoy! Raw…Rebel…Quirky…and 100% human.

Your readers will be attracted to your weird quirks because they
make you human.

When your flawed your real.

Business is about HUMAN connection. And the only way to truly
connect is by being completely you.

Your emails, your videos, your articles, every piece of content
should be branded with your personality.

Way too many people online are presenting some watered-down
version of themselves. Afraid to be their quirky natural self.

But that’s what people really want… the HUMAN connection.

So in order to prove that I’m not a robot that stays locked
in a marketing laboratory all day, I’ve decided to share 24
of my own quirks, habits, and closely guarded secrets…

1. I have a HUGE Spanish family with over 20 crazy cousins. If you’ve ever seen
the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you’ll get an idea of what our family get
togethers are like. Loud. Crazy. And I wouldn’t change it for a second.

2. I LOVE the smell of new shoes and new cars. I couldn’t work in a shoe store
or a dealership cause I would just stand around all day smelling the merchandise and the leather on the vehicles.

3. I like to break all the rules of business. I like to look at what everyone
else is doing and then do the opposite. I’d like to think it’s part of what
makes me stand out from the rest. Doing your own thing and doing it well.

4. I take a notepad and pen everywhere I go. In the car, by my nightstand, at
my desk. You never know when a great idea is going to strike. I’ve filled
countless notebooks with ideas, business models, marketing plans, and to-do
lists to last me an entire lifetime.

5. I loved playing in boxes when I was little. In addition to building massive
forts and pillow fights.

6. I think I’m the only marketer left who answers all of my own email. And I find
it incredibly strange that other people outsource that task to some stranger in
the Philippines. Really? If someone takes the time to email you surely we have
enough heart and self-respect to send a personal reply. In fact, many people
are surprised when I do reply. Or surprised that I answer the phone when they
call. Isn’t that wild? That people are surprised when they find out that you
actually care!

7. Fear is my greatest friend. Whenever I’m afraid to do something new – afraid
to go outside of my comfort zone – I know I’m about to breakthrough to a new
level in my life or in my business. The biggest growth in your business ALWAYS
lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

So the next time you're afraid to do something – realize that something BIG is
about to happen in your life – if you fight through the fear and do the thing anyway.

8. I have two crooked toes. When I was young I used to cross them over
the other and walk around the house. Yes – I was strange from a very
early age ;)

9. I feel happiest when I’m living in my passion. And my two biggest passions
are business and running.

10. I went to and enrolled three different times to college before I figured out it wasn’t for me :)

11. If I could get rid of just one thing – it would be the need for sleep. I’m
always wishing for more hours in the day.

12. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. You know how most girls have a walk-in
closet full of clothes. Well, mine’s a tiny closet that’s half full.

13. I love having a new car every 2 to 3 years. I tell ya it's the smell of a new car that gets me everytime.

14. I like to explore new places. I’ve caught a bit of the traveling bug lately and planning on doing a few mini-vacations this fall/winter.

15. My favorite thing about 

16. I guard my emotions like a hawk. It’s incredibly hard to break through my
shell. But I’m eternally grateful to the people who have.

17. I’m 40. But all of my friends are in their 20's and 30's. I have HUGE respect
for older people I just see no point in hanging out with people my own age.

18. It always confuses me when I go on a plane and they announce that your
seat can be used as a flotation device. Excuse me! I think I’d prefer a
parachute. That would be a bit more helpful right?

19. A part of me wishes I had gone through the traditional college experience.
Another part of me thinks it’s a big waste of money.

20. I have the sweetest dog in the world. She’s a Yorkie, her name is Coco Chanel and she constantly reminds me of the real meaning of unconditional love.

21. I have THE most amazing parents on earth. They have been my biggest fans since day 1.

22. Unlike most kids, growing up I thought my parents knew everything!
It wasn’t until much later in life – when I had much harder questions – that
I realized they didn’t have all the answers.

23. The first time I watch a live show I was a teen and I was paranoid for a month thinking that my life was being recorded for national television. But then I
decided my life was way too boring and I stopped worrying.

24. I think ‘Being Yourself’ is one of the biggest keys to business and life.

Okay… I’m headed back to the marketing lab – all this human stuff is wearing me out.

But I’d love to hear a bit about you! Feel free to post in the comments with your own quirks :)

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