1/22/22 & 1/23/22 Arbor Park Market

1/22/22 & 1/23/22 Arbor Park Market

Make sure to mark your calendars for Jan 22nd 10-4 and Jan 23rd 12-5pm! We’d love to have you join us!! Many options to choose from!

Lots of local small businesses, fresh produce, honey, oils, bread, handcrafted candles, kettle corn, fresh lemonade, fresh spun cotton candy, handmade jewelry, local boutique, delicious foods, BBQ, vegan items, keto, handmade tumblers, handmade t-shirts, kids activities, sensory toys, fresh salsa, freshies, jams, strawberry shortcakes and bread with homegrown strawberries, and much more.

✨Accepting vendors! We’re a group of small businesses joining together to network as one!

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