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3D Cactus Glass Mason Jar Mug with Lid and Straw

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  • ☆☆Lead-free quality, ensure no cadmium dissolution, acid and corrosion resistance, safety, and hygiene.
  • ☆☆Made of high-quality glass, odorless, non-toxic to the human body, and strong in viscosity, corrosion resistance, safe and healthy.
  • ☆☆Unique cactus-shaped glass cup, easy to use, large-capacity glass cup, can fill a lot of water at one time.
  • ☆☆With wide usage, it can be used at home, office, dormitory, school, and it suitable for many groups of people to use, including adults, older, kids, teens, etc.
  • ☆☆This transparent glass has a lid that makes the water in the cup not easy to spill and easy to carry.